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Reversing Course

I’ve been walking almost every day, weather permitting, for close to twenty years. I have two routes. One takes me to the park, where there are a couple of different paths to follow and one takes me through the neighborhoods around here. During the past few months I’ve stayed away from the park; there’s just too many people walking too close together. I usually walk the same route through the neighborhoods, occasionally taking some side roads, but every once in a while I reverse my route. That’s where it begins to get interesting.

When I walk my regular route, I see the same homes in the same way every day. Nothing much changes. However, when I reverse direction, I pass the same homes I always do but I see them differently. I’m walking from a different angle, have different views and I begin to see things I never saw or noticed before. My perspective changes simply by reversing course. I see the other side of homes. Strange the way that works.

I think life is like that sometimes. Many of us go through our daily lives in the same way each day; the same routines each morning, the same route to work, the same opinion of people or social issues or what’s going on in the world around us. We sometimes go through our lives robotically, never glancing one way or the other, believing what we think we know, always focused on what’s in front of us and where we have to be.

We never find, or seem to have the time, to reverse our course, and yet, it’s so easy to do.

But what if we did? What if we took a step back or sideways on occasion and tried to see things differently. There’s beauty, and a changing perspective, in a different path though our daily lives. Our destination can be the same but our direction or how we get there might be different. Who knows, maybe even a slight change in direction can alter our destination or thoughts and allow us to find out something special about ourselves or others.

Life is funny like that.


Take A Walk With Me

Most mornings, except for the brutal cold of winter, I walk about four miles at a park near our home. I’ve been doing it for about a dozen years. I try to go out early, before the park gets busy, because I like having it mostly to myself. Sometimes I’ll put on the headphones, sometimes I enjoy listening to the sounds of silence. Sometimes I take my bike. I could go to the gym, as I have in the past but then I wouldn’t have this……

IMG_1132Or thisIMG_1133I wouldn’t see
my early morning
fishing friend            IMG_1135Or look out over
the footbridge toward
the gazebo                    IMG_1134
I enjoy theses images
as I walk                        IMG_1138


IMG_1156The Imagination Station
playground for children to enjoy    IMG_1140

Our memorial to
the 9/11 attacks with
steel from the towers IMG_1153Honoring our veterans
from past wars       IMG_1155The beach is closed
this early in the day IMG_1144I think there’s a letter
missing at the softball
field. Not sure what
bat winging is.IMG_1158That’s better. Glad
we have that corrected.IMG_1159So I could probably go to the gym with dozens of other people who stare aimlessly at the TV screen as they run or walk on their treadmill. I could listen to them grunt as they pump iron or go through the circuits. There is nothing wrong with that. Exercise is important.

But I choose diamonds
to watch on the lakeIMG_1147

Besides, I like walking in the rain, on early summer days, or fall crisp mornings; days that are so beautiful you feel like you could eat them.

What about you? Where would you rather be?

Thanks for joining me on my morning walk.