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A Little Political Fun

Here is a short but interesting little quiz that’s apparently been taken over 45 million times. It asks a few questions about where you stand on the most important issues in the upcoming election and then matches your answers to the candidate whose views you most closely associate with.

I know some people who were very surprised at the results after taking the quiz. Maybe your results will be in line with whom you’ve chosen to vote for, or maybe it’ll make you smile or even laugh once your results are shown.

If you have a few minutes, it might be fun. Unless of course, you don’t want to know….:)

Happy Voting!


My Choice In November

So this is what it’s come down to and I don’t think I’m alone in feeling this way.

The question is, what do I do about it?


I have voted in every Presidential election since 1972. It’s a privilege and right we all have in this country and I never took it lightly.

Now many people say that two things one should never discuss are politics and religion. There’s some truth to that in certain settings. But this is my blog and one of the reasons I started doing this is because it gave me an opportunity to write and an outlet to express my thoughts and feelings about certain things and have honest and respectful exchanges of ideas. If I can’t do that here, then what’s the point of having a blog? I know I’m not concerned about losing sponsors because there aren’t any sponsors to be concerned about, and even if there were, I’m sure their contributions would not alter my lifestyle. I should be concerned about losing followers? I don’t think so. Real followers on here are like friends; if you can’t discuss or express your thoughts with friends then whats the point?

So I believe in God and I’m an independent.

I’ve never understood the idea of belonging to one party or another. I’ve always voted for the most qualified person; someone who I thought had some integrity and would try to what’s best for this country. That’s been more difficult to do in recent years and impossible to find during this recent embarrassment.
There have been years when the choices were not very clear and I had to really struggle to find something; some glimmer of hope or character.

But not this year. This election is void of hope or character.

I have thought about walking into that voting booth so many times and pulling the lever for either candidate and quite honestly the thought makes me sick to my stomach. They are both despicable liars. We can spin their lies in any positive way we like based on who we may support but at the end of the day, neither one is worthy of this office.

I haven’t watched news coverage of this election in months. I see recent headlines that attack each of these candidates as if the news that was uncovered is some new-found revelation of real journalism. But nothing that has been reported in the last few weeks/months should come as a surprise to anyone. These two poor excuses for used car salesmen are who they have been for decades. Why should anyone be surprised at what they read today? Revelations? I don’t think so.

The way I see it, I have a constitutional right to vote. Or not.

I choose not to vote for President of the United States in this election.

I will still vote for any questions that may appear on the ballot and any candidates I choose to support for state and local office, but I can’t in good conscience vote for either of these two human political abominations.

People have suggested I vote for the lesser of two evils. But to me there isn’t a lesser or greater degree of evil. Evil is evil.
People have also suggested that this isn’t an election where we vote for someone but against someone. Sorry, that just doesn’t make sense to me and it’s not the way I vote.

I know people will disagree and complain that no vote is a vote against someone. So be it. They will also say it’s my duty to vote. No, it isn’t. It’s my right. I just choose not to exercise that right in this election and I’m comfortable with my decision.

I don’t know how we got to this point. Three hundred million people in the greatest country in the world and this is what we’re left with; these are our insufferable choices. What an example for our children and the rest of the world.

We should be ashamed of these two grains of sand who are running for office but we should also be ashamed of ourselves for staying silent for so long and allowing politicians and our current political system to dictate to us as they/it has.

Sorry, but I choose not to be electrocuted. I will pray we get through the next four years, that someone presents themselves as an alternative next time around and that as a country we come to our senses.

Imagine if they held an election and no one decided to vote.



No Raw Cookie Dough?

So the FDA has announced that it’s no longer safe to eat raw cookie dough or batter. The FDA, that bastion of all things right. The organization that consistently allows things to come on the market and then pulls it after they find there may be a bit of a problem associated with it. These are the people  who are trying to mess with my ability to enjoy life. Because really, has anyone ever told you that it was safe to eat cookie dough? Of course not. We just did it anyway. We lived dangerously. We chose the wild side.


It seems that it’s not just raw eggs that can cause you to get sick but flour can also harbor E. Coli. Okay, thanks for the heads up. FDA. I’ll take your warnings under advisement. By the way, when you found red coloring No. 3 caused cancer you banned it from cosmetics in 1990. Nice move. I’m just a little confused on why you allow it to remain in our foods. I’m sure there’s some logic you can provide for that along with other questionable decisions you’ve made in the past.

Apparently General Mills recalled all types of flour at the end of last year because of this contamination, however I can tell you without hesitation that since that time, cookie dough has passed my lips on several occasions with no problems.  The FDA claims that since December, 38 people in 20 states have become sick with diarrhea and stomach cramps that can last up to a week. That’s roughly five people a month. I don’t know about you, but I like my chances. It’s safer than getting in a car, that’s for sure. I wonder what would happen if I pushed the envelope and drove while eating cookie dough at the same time. Do you think it’s against the law? Do you think the FDA works with local law enforcement? Because if you cramp up while driving, well, that could create a messy situation.


Oh yeah, the FDA also suggested that we not give children cookie dough to play with. Come on, let’s get serious. Does the FDA  think we’re all savages without an ounce of common sense in our bodies? I mean, I love kids, but cookie dough should be revered and kept in a place of respect. We don’t play with cookie dough. We eat it. What was the FDA thinking?


So based on my findings, or should I say the FDA’s, the risk for getting sick because of this flour thing is very small. Heck, we all sometimes get a stomach virus without going near cookie dough or cake batter. If we do get it because of that, at least we derived an afternoon of enjoyment in the process. So I’ll take my chances.  Because anyone who has licked a cake batter bowl or enjoyed a taste of cookie dough understands that this is one of life’s great pleasures. But I know there are some of you out there who don’t condone this practice and I respect your opinion. Just do me one favor…

Please pass the cookie dough before you leave.

P.S. I wonder what’s going to happen to all that cookie dough ice cream.





We Don’t Need No Education


In a 2016 national survey of college freshman, the number of students who say they will major in education has reached its lowest point in 45 years. Just 4.2 percent intend to major in education compared to 11 percent in 2000, 10 percent in 1990 and 11 percent in 1971. Combine that with poor rates of teacher retention in public schools and I think it’s safe to inform Houston that we have a problem. Baby boomers are leaving the profession and there’s no one coming up to fill those spots.

Anyone care to guess why this is happening?

Let’s start with the fact that we are raising a generation of students who feel entitled and believe teachers are powerless to control them because of litigation threats. Students have little respect for their teachers because their parents show little respect.
Parents don’t want to hear the truth about their child so bad grades are the fault of the teachers and not due to a lack of effort by the student. As a result, grade inflation is sometimes easier than arguing to deaf ears. It must get tiring for teachers trying to raise both the student and the parent. How sad is that?

So why enter a field where salaries fall well behind other professions also requiring advanced degrees?

Why enter a field where student/teacher creativity has now been replaced by standardized testing which changes every few years in order to benefit those marketing the product at the expense of children.

Why enter a field where we make evaluations based on a single test instead of a body of work over a period of months? Because everyone is a great test taker, right?

Why enter a field where teacher bashing has become a popular pastime headed up by some ignorant politicians whose only purpose is promoting their retaliation agenda against a union who decided not to back their election campaigns?

The students entering college today are the generation of no child left behind. They are the ones who remember teachers opening a manual and reading/teaching from it with no sense of creativity allowed. Young people especially in this age of technology, want to feel they can be creative in whatever field they choose to pursue. They’ve already experienced the teaching field from the other side of the desk and they’re not impressed.

Finland probably has the finest education system in the world because in large part, they pay their educators well, respect the profession and allow for creativity while keeping the workload and class sizes low. As a result, their system attracts some of the best students to the teaching field.

Most people think teachers are overpaid with lots of time off, short work days and great benefits. If anyone thinks that’s true, I’d ask you to go up to a dozen or so teachers and ask them if they would encourage anyone to choose the teaching profession today. Considering the perception that many people have of their easy lives, their answers will probably surprise you. If you’re brave enough to stick around they may even elaborate their reasons for you.

We have an education problem in this country that no amount of standardized testing is going to correct. It’s like saying the Johnstown flood could have been prevented with a patch of concrete.

Lets stop the insults, begin holding our children accountable and support ways to educate our children properly. Because as we all know….

a mine es a terble ting to wayste. 

Style Or Substance?

I try hard not to overanalyze things, though sometimes I fail.  What can I say, I enjoy not being perfect. Life is much easier that way. So when an important or difficult decision presents itself, I try to look at it in a simplistic way and ask myself what’s most important in making the decision.
As an example, if you were to hire someone for a job, you would review their resume or application, look for the type of experience that fits the position you’re trying to fill and ask specific questions about their accomplishments. After that, you may ask for references or check with their previous employers to see if what they said they did matches up with what they actually accomplished. When that was done, you might even run a background check on them, check their Facebook page, see if they have a twitter account or check their Linkedin profile. In short, you would do your due diligence to make sure you were hiring the best candidate based on their experience, actual accomplishments and ethics.

Pretty simple, right? I think most of us would agree on those points.

So now lets throw a presidential election into the mix. This country must decide who they want leading their company for a specific period of time or elected term of office. While I understand the power of this position has limits based on a variety  of factors, it’s still significant in terms of power, perception, attitude and company morale. So I would think, simplistically speaking, we would, at the very least, adopt the same kind of hiring process that I mentioned earlier.


But here’s where things get fuzzy. We have a tendency to become distracted or misdirected by the way things are presented to us rather than by the truth of what’s presented. We have individual agendas, things that are in our own individual best interests rather than the well-being of the company. We become infatuated by style, wealth, promises, rhetoric and really good comedic lines at rallies and debates. We forget about the simple questions like, what have you accomplished or what real experience do you have for this position? Instead of looking into  the truth of what’s being said or promised, we just accept it as gospel because someone was smart enough to strike a nerve that resonates. If they say they can do it, even though they have no experience or track record on getting something like this done, that seems to be good enough.

We seem to elect and gravitate toward showmen these days, snake oil salesmen who will promise you truth in a bottle of vinegar. And we drink it down with a smile on our faces. Style without an ounce of substance to back up their claims. Make no mistake, both parties have these salesmen/saleswomen and we, as voters, are equal opportunity offenders of this hiring process.

So we’ll go through this ridiculously long and incredibly expensive process only to ignore those few qualified candidates who have real accomplishments on their resumes and have played the game with as much honesty and integrity as is possible. Unfortunately, celebrities or last names will eventually win out and once again we will be left with a house filled with lots of style but not an ounce of substance.

Makes you wonder how long it will take before the continued shortcomings in our hiring process will eventually force our company out of business.


Style or substance? Which will you support?

Football, Gambling And Life

I read an article a few days ago that estimates Americans will wager 95 BILLION dollars on college and NFL games this coming season. Of that figure, 93 billion will be bet illegally. Keep in mind, this is only one sport that essentially covers five months out of the year.


In order to try to gain some perspective, that number is 30 billion more than Google’s 2014 revenues.

Now, I enjoy watching football, I attend games and even take part in some friendly and inexpensive football pools. I don’t bet on games and never have. Though it may be entertaining, for me, all forms of gambling is a fool’s game. If it wasn’t Vegas would be dark and the bookies would be selling cars.

There are many hypocrisies related to sports, with gambling being close to the top of the list. The NFL, as an example, realizes that, in large part, their popularity is tied into the money that is being gambled each week. All sports do, which is why they are all trying to find ways to legally grab a piece of that pie. Politicians are no different. Legalized gambling can generate significant revenues for states, which they can then use to____________ ( you can fill in the blank as sarcastically as you wish.)

As for me, I can’t help but wonder how much good we can do in this country with 95 billion dollars. I understand sports is an entertainment and we’re all entitled to spend our entertainment money in any way we like.  But 95 billion dollars? That’s a lot of good being spent on self-indulgence, isn’t it?

Whenever I doubt if I’m right in thinking our priorities may be a little distorted, I read an article like this and wonder how we got to a place where, with everything we see going on around us, we can read something like this and not even blink or react.

How much does the sandbox need to be filled before it can no longer hold its own weight? My guess is we’ll find out soon enough.


At The Intersection Of Ignorant And Clueless

So here comes Josh Smith who will be playing basketball for the Los Angeles Clippers this coming season, during which time he will earn the nice little sum of 6.9 million dollars. In case you’d like to put a name to a face, here you go. I’ll get to his ludicrous comments in a moment.

397162f28ba05d91cd8c9ad114fbf5ae_crop_northNow, Josh seems like a nice enough guy. The problem is, like many athletes, he lives in a world that’s very different from the rest of us. So when they speak, which their agents, team representatives and PR people should always discourage, we are often left shaking our heads at the absurdities that dribble from their lips.

As an example, here is Josh attempting to wax poetic about the 6.9 million dollar salary he will be paid this coming season, which is about half of the 14 million he was paid last season.

“At the end of the day, you know, I do have a family. So it is going to be a little harder on me this year. But I’m going to push through it, you know… I made a decision for me and my family.”

He’s going to push through it? Really? Are you @#$%^&* kidding me????

Sorry, but you need to slow your roll, big guy.

Now, before you go out and plan a benefit to help support ol Josh’s struggles and misfortune on the salary cut, you should know that he has played in the NBA for several years and has earned in the area of 91 million dollars, give or take a few hundred thousand.

That’s 91 million #$%^&* dollars!!

Should we ask The Stones to play Sympathy For The Devil for you, Josh, simply because you need to  cut back on that new loaded Escalade you were eyeing up or those extra thirty custom suits in rainbow colors or the first class trip to Bora Bora complete with concierge service you might have to rethink? Cause I know it’s not about being able to take the family to Chuck E Cheese  tonight and play some fifty cent video games, right?

I’d like to say this is an isolated incident but it’s not. Sports is littered with his type of oblivious thinking. Several years back a basketball player by the name of Latrell Sprewell was once offered a three-year, 30 million dollar contract which he found, “insulting.” LIke Smith, Sprewell didn’t think that salary would be enough for his family to live comfortably. Not long after, he was out of basketball and ended up filing bankruptcy. As I recall there were no tears shed for Latrell.
Sometimes Karma will come out and bite you in the ass if you decide to kick it around guys.


So here’s my thing. If you want to live a lavish lifestyle that only supports you for the time you have a career and then causes you to lose it all because you never had the smarts or self-control to rein in your spending, plan for the future or take care of yourself and your family, that’s your choice. You have the ability to live large and take your friends out for thirty-five thousand dollar dinners? Good for you. It’s not my place to say how anyone should spend the money they earn and quite honestly,  I really don’t care.

Just please do me a favor and don’t insult the general population with comments like this, which paint you as a spoiled, greedy, single-minded, clueless individual who thinks the world revolves around the air you breathe.

We already have too many people like that in our lives at the moment. They’re called politicians. We don’t need jocks joining that dance.