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The Colors Of New England

With everything going on out there, I needed to escape to a better time. So I started looking at some of the photos we took during our trip this past fall to Vermont and New Hampshire. For too many years this fall trip of colors has been on our bucket list. We were finally able to work it out this past year ad what we found was breathtaking. As with many beautiful spots, no picture can really describe or give justice to the beauty that surrounds you. It’s like a brilliant 360 degree canvas that follows you wherever you go.

We spent some time in the beautiful village of Woodstock, Vermont at a terrific Bed and Breakfast called the Blue Horse Inn. We ended with a few days in the quaint little village of Jackson, New Hampshire, exploring the surrounding towns and lakes while staying at the Wentworth Inn.

We’ve always been big fans of upper New England, spending a lot of time exploring the Maine coast along with the villages and towns of Vermont and New Hampshire. There’s something magical about these places; the people have always been friendly, and the food, well, what can I say.

But seeing it in the fall takes it to another level.

So if you have a few moments, (and who doesn’t these days), take a little trip with me to a better time. One we will all get to again very soon.

Enjoy and stay well!

P.S. I’m not a photographer so these were taken with only an iPhone; and I’ve enlarged them a bit here so the clarity may be off.







How can I forget a sampling of the food…:)



Driving The Blue Ridge

We had an opportunity last month to take a road trip to North Carolina/Virginia. We spent a few days in Asheville, which has an abundance of crazy good restaurants then headed north along the Blue Ridge Parkway to a pretty little town called Blowing Rock. It’s one of those drives  you can probably make in two hours. It took us seven. There were just too many beautiful places to stop along the way. A short hike or two and before you know it the sun was getting lower in the sky. A few weeks later in October and the colors along the parkway must have been gorgeous. Anyway, here are a few of the places we stopped to take a look, understanding that photos never do these scenes justice.
Please keep in mind I’m not a photographer and I was only using my iPhone.











During one of our hikes we heard music playing on a phone laying on a tree stump. We looked up and saw two people up in a tree. When I told them I had to take their picture they laughed and asked me to take one with their phone as well. I don’t know who they are but they made the blog.


If you ever have an opportunity to visit the mountains of North Carolina, and I highly recommend it, take a long day and a slow drive between Asheville and Blowing Rock. You won’t be disappointed.

Take A Walk With Me

Most mornings, except for the brutal cold of winter, I walk about four miles at a park near our home. I’ve been doing it for about a dozen years. I try to go out early, before the park gets busy, because I like having it mostly to myself. Sometimes I’ll put on the headphones, sometimes I enjoy listening to the sounds of silence. Sometimes I take my bike. I could go to the gym, as I have in the past but then I wouldn’t have this……

IMG_1132Or thisIMG_1133I wouldn’t see
my early morning
fishing friend            IMG_1135Or look out over
the footbridge toward
the gazebo                    IMG_1134
I enjoy theses images
as I walk                        IMG_1138


IMG_1156The Imagination Station
playground for children to enjoy    IMG_1140

Our memorial to
the 9/11 attacks with
steel from the towers IMG_1153Honoring our veterans
from past wars       IMG_1155The beach is closed
this early in the day IMG_1144I think there’s a letter
missing at the softball
field. Not sure what
bat winging is.IMG_1158That’s better. Glad
we have that corrected.IMG_1159So I could probably go to the gym with dozens of other people who stare aimlessly at the TV screen as they run or walk on their treadmill. I could listen to them grunt as they pump iron or go through the circuits. There is nothing wrong with that. Exercise is important.

But I choose diamonds
to watch on the lakeIMG_1147

Besides, I like walking in the rain, on early summer days, or fall crisp mornings; days that are so beautiful you feel like you could eat them.

What about you? Where would you rather be?

Thanks for joining me on my morning walk.