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Remembering Pearl Harbor

There aren’t many remaining now. The numbers have grown smaller each year. Life and time will eventually touch them all. Today, four of the nine remaining survivors of the Arizona gathered at Pearl Harbor along with other World War II veterans. The Arizona survivors are all over the age of ninety. Some believe this 73rd anniversary of the attack will be the last time this group will gather here; the last time they will drink champagne together to honor those who were lost that day and in the years that followed. They are part of what is widely considered to be The Greatest Generation. Without their sacrifice and dedication, this country, and the world as we know it today, would be a very different place.

Don Stratton is 92 years old and one of the four survivors who attended today’s ceremony. During the attack he suffered burns over 65 percent of his body and was hospitalized for over a year. He was eventually given a medical discharge.

A year later, Don Stratton re-enlisted.

Remember Pearl Harbor.