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Take A Walk With Me

Most mornings, except for the brutal cold of winter, I walk about four miles at a park near our home. I’ve been doing it for about a dozen years. I try to go out early, before the park gets busy, because I like having it mostly to myself. Sometimes I’ll put on the headphones, sometimes I enjoy listening to the sounds of silence. Sometimes I take my bike. I could go to the gym, as I have in the past but then I wouldn’t have this……

IMG_1132Or thisIMG_1133I wouldn’t see
my early morning
fishing friend            IMG_1135Or look out over
the footbridge toward
the gazebo                    IMG_1134
I enjoy theses images
as I walk                        IMG_1138


IMG_1156The Imagination Station
playground for children to enjoy    IMG_1140

Our memorial to
the 9/11 attacks with
steel from the towers IMG_1153Honoring our veterans
from past wars       IMG_1155The beach is closed
this early in the day IMG_1144I think there’s a letter
missing at the softball
field. Not sure what
bat winging is.IMG_1158That’s better. Glad
we have that corrected.IMG_1159So I could probably go to the gym with dozens of other people who stare aimlessly at the TV screen as they run or walk on their treadmill. I could listen to them grunt as they pump iron or go through the circuits. There is nothing wrong with that. Exercise is important.

But I choose diamonds
to watch on the lakeIMG_1147

Besides, I like walking in the rain, on early summer days, or fall crisp mornings; days that are so beautiful you feel like you could eat them.

What about you? Where would you rather be?

Thanks for joining me on my morning walk.