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The Colors Of New England

With everything going on out there, I needed to escape to a better time. So I started looking at some of the photos we took during our trip this past fall to Vermont and New Hampshire. For too many years this fall trip of colors has been on our bucket list. We were finally able to work it out this past year ad what we found was breathtaking. As with many beautiful spots, no picture can really describe or give justice to the beauty that surrounds you. It’s like a brilliant 360 degree canvas that follows you wherever you go.

We spent some time in the beautiful village of Woodstock, Vermont at a terrific Bed and Breakfast called the Blue Horse Inn. We ended with a few days in the quaint little village of Jackson, New Hampshire, exploring the surrounding towns and lakes while staying at the Wentworth Inn.

We’ve always been big fans of upper New England, spending a lot of time exploring the Maine coast along with the villages and towns of Vermont and New Hampshire. There’s something magical about these places; the people have always been friendly, and the food, well, what can I say.

But seeing it in the fall takes it to another level.

So if you have a few moments, (and who doesn’t these days), take a little trip with me to a better time. One we will all get to again very soon.

Enjoy and stay well!

P.S. I’m not a photographer so these were taken with only an iPhone; and I’ve enlarged them a bit here so the clarity may be off.







How can I forget a sampling of the food…:)



Why I Love Maine

My wife and I have been to Maine quite a few times. Well, maybe even a few times more than that. I don’t remember when we started going, I only know we keep getting pulled back. A number of people who have never been there, or only visited for a short time, have asked us what the draw is; why we choose to spend a summer vacation, or heaven forbid, a long November weekend in such a place. Quite honestly, I’m ever able to provide an answer that satisfies their curiosity.  Because Maine is the kind of place you can’t just pass through or spend a couple of days at the beach and come to understand why it’s special. You have to get to know it. You have to experience the quiet beauty of its coastline, the friendliness of its people, the tucked away shops and shacks and the simplicity of its food. Oh yes, we can’t forget the amazing food.
Maine doesn’t grab you like some places do. It’s not a Caribbean Island resort with temperate breezes, turquoise water and all night parties. Nor is it Europe, with history that dates back centuries and cultures that intertwine. And its certainly not The Magic Kingdom, a place we always enjoy visiting for different reasons. No, Maine draws you in slowly. It flashes it’s beauty in glimpses and then challenges you to go further. It teases your taste buds until you can’t stop smiling. Until you want more. Until you’re hooked.

One of the things I love most about Maine? It’s always the same.  The places where we stayed or ate are still there. The old soda fountain where we had an ice cream float, the tiny lobster shack, the people, the old bowling alley where pins are reset by hand, the ancient movie theatre that has to be experienced, and the smiling faces and helpfulness of the people. Nothing changes in Maine. Every time we visit, we know exactly what we’re going to get. Expectations and reality are always the same.

There are places that have more beauty and others that provide more action. I understand the draw. But sometimes I prefer somewhere that’s not easily defined, like someone you have to get to know.

So let me share some of  what I love about Maine


The Beauty of Acadia


Jordan’s Pond




Boothbay Harbor at Dusk


Bar Harbor


Our Dream Home on Ocean Point


Ocean Point


View of Camden From Mount Battie


Fishing Village

The Food


Fresh Lobster and Seafood Roll…Amazing


Seafood Bake……Amazing


Fried Clams……Amazing


Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie From The Maine Diner in Wells…..Ridiculous.


Fresh Seafood Chowder…..You Can Taste It, Can’t You


Fresh Blueberry Pie a la mode…..Are You Smiling?


Fresh Blueberry Cobbler….Did I Say Fresh?





Seafood Shacks That Are As Good Or Better Than Any Four Star Restaurant


In Boothbay Harbor


In Kennebunkport








I’m not suggesting you visit, of course. After all, space is at a premium and too many people already know how special Maine is. I don’t want them to run out of lobster and I try my best to support the lobster boats whenever we visit……and the shacks…..and the blueberry pickers…..and the….. well, you understand.

I wonder which shacks might be open this weekend.

I should be able to get there in under five hours.