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Smile For The Cameras

I read the article and saw the video of Madonna falling off stage and ending up on her back at a British awards show the other night.



Even though I’ve never been a fan, I’m glad she wasn’t injured when she ended up on her back. That being said, I was going to write some snarky piece about her falling and ending up on her back but I couldn’t bring myself to do that. Maybe I’m getting too old but taking advantage of her when she’s down and on her back, just didn’t seem fair. I mean, I’m sure she wasn’t in an unfamiliar position but you have to keep in mind that she was on her back in front of a lot of people she didn’t know. So there’s that.
 Anyway, I decided I’m not going to a place that would cause people to raise their eyes, shake their head and do the fake cringe, even though many of you might have been thinking the same thing about her ending up on her back.

Nope……I’m not going to elaborate anymore on the fact that she fell and ended up on her back once again. I’m going to rise above it. The setup is just too easy.

But I did find it interesting that the song she was singing just before she ended up on her back in front of all those people was…..Looking For Love.

Like I said……….too easy.