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Free Advice, Ariana

imagesAriana Grande, the 22-year-old American singer, has created a bit of a headline in recent days. Apparently, she was in a donut shop when a baker brought out a tray of donuts. It’s reported that Grande, who is a vegan and an advocate for child obesity, saw the tray and said, “What the F**k is that? I hate Americans. I hate America. That’s disgusting.” There are also reports of a video of her and another person, licking some donuts but not buying them. Police are investigating whether she was attempting to get a free sugar high or just pulling a 22 year old vegan high school prank.

Grande was scheduled to perform at Major League Baseball’s All Star Game Concert on Saturday but claims she had to withdraw because she has to have some wisdom teeth removed. Right.

Look, she’s 22 years old and even though individuals that age should know better, sometimes they do and say some pretty dumb stuff. Her words and actions, considering her visibility, probably move  her actions to the top of the dumb list. But I’m not here to judge her feelings, thoughts or actions. I only have one simple suggestion.

Maybe you should skip having your wisdom teeth removed. Because right now AG, you can use all the smarts your little Gucci bag can hold.

You’re welcome.