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Signs Of The Times

We were walking in a park the other day and came across this sign. Normally I wouldn’t be surprised except this particular park was wide open. It has a long walking track, playground, lots of athletic fields,  a dog park, even a water park for kids in the summer. What it doesn’t have is trees. Or wooded areas. Or anywhere to do what the sign prohibits except in the open. So as I looked around I wondered where this lawbreaking activity actually took place. Could it be that men made believe they were checking the tires on a car and women spent more than the usual amount of time squatting down to get  something from under the baby stroller, out in the open? Really? I’ll have to visit more often to check out this situation. Oh yeah, those facilities near the concession stand? They’re closed until April 1st. So is it still against the law if the facilities you advertise for use are closed? Just asking.

So this is another park I was walking in last week on a trail that’s not paved. Still, I’ve never seen a sign that prohibits texting while walking. There were other signs that prohibited cell phone use, horseplay and running. I’m sure the exposed tree roots had something to do with this and I’m sure safety was a concern. Probably not as much of a concern as potential liability on the part of the township but tha’s just me being cynical. So, rule breaker that I am, I decided to jog a bit while texting and making a phone call. I tried to horseplay but I was alone and my other personalities didn’t want to play with me. Go figure.

I thought this one was interesting. The free trip portion was an attention grabber, though anyone familiar with the Catholic Church, as I am, understands that free usually comes with a price tag. Still, I thought it was clever. It reminded me of a line I heard many years ago, “Everyone wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die.” Such a conundrum.

Who would have thought one would find such a profound/meaningful statement in a mall pizza joint. But here it is. Think about it. Then go hug the people you love.

Till next time….

Releasing My Inner Dragnet

You know the person I’m about to describe.

The one who enjoys talking even when there’s nothing left to talk about.

The one who repeats what there’s nothing left to talk about so they can speak longer about nothing.

The one who sits in a meeting of any type and asks questions that were already answered just so they can feel important and attempt to suck up to whomever in the room has some degree of influence.

The one who goes to a back to school function and asks the teacher a meaningless question because they have a need to introduce and ingratiate themselves to that person and the entire class of parents who just want to move on and get home after a long day.

The one who can turn a thirty-second story into a five-minute ordeal.

The one who doesn’t understand the definition or advantages of brevity.

The one who talks and asks questions during movies.


I’m a pretty patient person but this type of person gives new meaning to the words cruel and unusual punishment.

If I ask you what time it is, I don’t need to know how the clock or watch was made. I just want the time.

Some people don’t get that simple concept. They begin to tell a story and start taking side trips along the way. So instead of a two-minute journey, we have to endure a ten minute odyssey. By the time they get done, I usually forget what the original story was supposed to be about.

This might sound sacrilegious but I feel the same way in church. We have priests that will use the pulpit as a stage and go on for 20-25 minutes, repeating what they already said in different ways. Do they think I’m oblivious to that little trick?
The flip side to this practice are priests that are very effective and to the point in less than ten minutes.

The same holds true in day-to-day life. I am a strong believer in the concept that less is almost always more. 

Whenever I’ve been in meetings where there were more than 3-4 people present, very little got accomplished. Primarily because everyone had their own agenda, no one stayed on topic and I usually walked away thinking I Just wasted an hour, or more, of my day.


The old saying is that God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason.

If there is something that needs to be said, by all means get to the point as quickly as possible before I tune you out completely and think about whether continuing to listen to you or sliding bamboo shoots under my nails is a better alternative.

As legendary Detective Sergeant Joe Friday of Dragnet fame said, “Just the facts, ma’am.”