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Anticipation Or Surprise?

I enjoy the fun of anticipation and surprise, as long as the end result is something I’m looking forward to experiencing.

As an example, surprising me with a skydiving gift when I have a fear of heights and knowing the jump would probably kill me, is not on the top of my bucket list.


Also, the anticipation of having root canal is near the back of the concert hall in terms of experiences.

images-1Now that we’re clear, lets move on.

I like surprises. I think they’re fun and creative and gives everyone an opportunity to watch you stare into space with your mouth open for a period of time, as your mind races with the appropriateness of how you should respond to this unexpected pleasure.


Trips, parties and gifts can all be lumped in this category. Sometimes I think the person giving the surprise is more excited than the person receiving it. There is anticipation for the giver in arranging the surprise and seeing the expression on the face of the person receiving it.

And that’s my point. Anticipation.

Because while I really like surprises, I love anticipation. There is a different kind of excitement when you know you’re going to be doing something in a month, a week, a day, or an hour, that heightens the enjoyment of it all.
When I go on a trip, part of the pleasure is planning it, speaking to friends and family about it, imagining what it might be like, reading stories, looking at pictures and sharing that excitement with the people with whom you’ll be traveling. If someone gave you a trip as a surprise, while you would still enjoy it very much, you will have missed all those moments of anticipation and excitement that the other person felt.

imagesI think that holds true for adults as well as children, because regardless of our age, we are all children when it come to anticipating something special.

Please don’t misunderstand, I’m not suggesting that surprises are a bad thing, I’m just saying that if I had a chance to have a dish of ice cream, I’d rather have a dish of ice cream with strawberries and hot fudge rather than just plain.

And I’d love to know in advance that I was going. That way I could smile like the child in the picture above, for as many days or hours or minutes that it took to get there.

But that’s just me.

How about you?