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A Princess And Her Prince

A few weeks ago we were blessed to welcome our sixth grandchild, Taylor, into our family. She recently turned a month old and, like her sister at the same age, enjoyed a little photo shoot with her favorite pillow rest, Bailey.

Her birth reminded me of one of my favorite poems by the French poet, Yves Bonnefoy. I thought I’d share part of it with you…

The All, The Nothing

Its the last snow of the season,
The spring snow-the most skilled
At mending the rips in the dead wood
Before it’s brought inside and burnt.

It’s the first snow of your life,
Since yesterday there were only dots
Of color, brief pleasures, fears, chagrins-
Without substance for lack of words.

And I can see joy overtaking the fear
In your eyes which amazement opened
In one great, bright leap; this cry, this laughter
That I love, and that I ponder….

May the big snow be for you, the all, the nothing,
Child trying out your first uncertain steps in the grass,
Your eyes still full of the origin,
Hands grabbing at nothing but the light.

May the gleaming branches be the words
You’ll have to listen to, not understanding
The meaning of their silhouette against the sky-
Otherwise you’d only name them at the price of losing.

May these two values, one sparkling, be enough for you,
Of the hill glimpsed through the opening between the trees,
Bee of life, when in your dreams of the world,
The world itself grows quiet.

And may the water that wells up in the shadow
Show you that joy can survive in dream,
Even when a breeze from who knows where
Is already scattering almond blossoms-and yet the other snow.

Enjoy a blessed life, Taylor


Helping Out My Bestie

My seventeen month old granddaughter Brooklyn, helping her best friend Bailey, get ready for the game. Since she’s a solid secondary food source and constant companion, he’ll let her do just about anything.

Even this.

True Friendship

Some people spend their whole life searching for one true friend.

Someone who loves unconditionally, expecting nothing in return.

Someone who will sit with you to find meaning in a simple Christmas ornament.


Someone just like you.

A Little Discussion Between Friends

The Cast of Characters:
Bailey, Two year old male Golden Retriever IMG_0190Brooklyn, One Month Old Little Girl.

Okay, Dude, it’s time to give the hat back.

But it looks so good on me and I’ve only had it a few minutes. Besides, it’s a little big for you right now. Can’t I keep it for ten or fifteen years?

Look Bailey, you and I have become best friends in the month I’ve been here, right?

Well, yeah. (blushing)

So we can share lots of things, especially some toys, but you have to understand, I’m a girl, and girls don’t share their clothes with boys. That’s just not happening. I’m only a month old and I know that already.

I hear what you’re saying but this is a guys hat. I saw Dad wearing it the other day.

Yeah, well, Dad thinks it’s his but he’ll give it up soon enough. All I have to do is smile at him and it’ll be mine. Mom taught me that trick when we were still in the hospital and it’s been pretty successful so far.

I know what you mean. I use some tricks like that with both of them. Sometimes I tilt my head and lay it in their laps and they’ll pet me all night.

See? We speak the same language.

We have from the beginning. Sometimes I think we understand each other better than anyone else.

That’s what best friends do, right?

Right. So you really want your hat back now?

Nah, you can wear it a little while longer. Just try to keep the shedding to a minimum. I don’t want to put it on later and look like a brassy two-tone blonde with a bad dye job. I’m still starting to make my mark in this world and as you know, first impressions are important.

Gotcha. I have your back and I’ll keep it to a minimum but you know that shedding is a Golden thing, right?

Yeah, I know. No worries, we’ll deal with it.

Hey, you look like you’re getting a little sleepy. Feel like nap?

Yeah, I can use one. Feel like cuddling?

It’s one of the things I do best and don’t worry, I’ll be here when you wake up.

You always are. It’s one of the things I love about you. G’night Buddy.


                                              To Be Continued