One of the things I enjoy about the talent show, The Voice, are the blind auditions.  No visuals to influence decisions, just the sound of a singular voice. I love the concept and so I decided to apply the same logic here.

Besides, providing pictures, telling you where I live, how old I am, where I work, what I do or have done for a living doesn’t really tell you about me, nor does it define who I am.  So I decided to skip that part entirely and let you use your imagination. It’s more fun that way.

However, I’ve been told that people like to know a little about whom they’re reading, which I’m guessing is why you clicked the “About” button. So let me give you some information about me that REALLY matters. The juicy stuff that you won’t find on dust covers.

Here we go……

I’ve often heard that you can’t love “things”. And I suppose that’s mostly true. But my guess is the people who say that have never tasted chocolate and if they have tasted chocolate and still feel the same way then I can’t really trust them. So why should I believe anything they say or think?  I love chocolate.  I also enjoy desserts, especially anything with chocolate in it.

I also love sitting on a beach, the state of Maine, (no, I don’t live there), practical jokes, people who have an unfiltered sense of humor, traveling, the innocence of children, the sound of laughter, anticipation, warm bread, and common sense , (though that seems to be in steep decline these days.)  I love magic, (and I’m not interested in knowing how the trick is done), Calvin and Hobbes, family traditions, Christmas Eve, the smell of a newborn baby and fresh cut grass. I love all things breakfast, hugs, baseball, sunsets, walking in the rain, surprises, (there are so few real ones left), road trips, music, rocky coastlines,  history, creative people and the peacefulness of an empty church.

I believe in God and I love my wife and family very much.

On the flip side of the ledger……

I don’t like phony people. Really, I don’t. I feel the same way about disrespect in any form or discrimination of any kind. I don’t like flying, deceit, arrogance, hospitals, peas, abuse, and unfortunately, math and science. ( Sorry, my mind just isn’t wired that way). I don’t like traffic, car dealerships, winter, elevators, reality television, gym clothing in church, people who ask questions just to hear themselves speak and anything that gives me motion sickness.  And I don’t like saying goodbye.

I live somewhere close to you, in case you were wondering, but far enough away that we won’t be meeting for breakfast any time soon. Unless of course you’re buying. Then I’m all in.

And yes, we were more than likely born in the last century, so you see……we do have something in common. So now you know a lot about me, and I can tell, even from here, that you’re finding it hard to control your excitement.

I guess the final question is, why did I start this blog? Well, to begin with, I enjoy writing.  So this is mostly for me, a way to share my voice with anyone who wants to listen to whatever the flavor of the day might be.

So that’s why I’m here. This is my outlet, my way to get rid of the head shaking absurdities I sometimes see or hear. Along the way, there may be some creative writing, stories and surprises. But mostly I’m here to talk out loud and have fun. I hope you do the same.

Thanks for listening.




110 thoughts on “About

    1. George Post author

      Hi Faye! How are you? Everything is good. I’ve just been away from the blog for a while. My mother in law passed away in the fall and there was lots to do cleaning out her home. Hope to be back in the next day or so. Thanks for checking in. Stay well.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. thechickengrandma

        I have been doing fine George. I have been struggling with blogging and not sure why. Perhaps it is because I am at that awkward phase between aging parents and children/grandchildren? Just have to find that groove again I am thinking.
        Glad to hear you are doing good and sorry to hear of your mom in law. It IS a lot of work to go through a home. We did that for my in-laws last year when they moved to a nursing home. It was hard. Will be trying to catch up with blogging friends in the near future!


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    1. George Post author

      Hi uhh! How are you? It’s been a while, I know. My mother in law passed away back in the fall and we were busy cleaning out her home and preparing it to be sold. How ironic that you reached on the day I decided to check in and maybe write something. It’s always a pleasure hearing from you. Thank you for checking in.
      Stay well


      1. Uju

        So sorry for your loss.

        I’ve been well. Started a new job last year. Earned my MBA early this month, and just completed a PGP in Data Science. Since I stopped blogging, I’ve been studying a lot.

        Glad to know you’re all right.

        All my love x


  2. dfolstad58

    I loved your “about “ page. Terrific! Light hearted and informative. I thought everyone loved peas 😊 and in that regard as a kid I loved eating peas off the vine. A neighbor once reported to my parents I was eating their garden peas also.
    Do you volunteer? Favourite exercise? Love libraries? Have a wonderful day from a Canadian fan 👍


  3. George Post author

    Thank you very much for visiting! The only way I can eat peas is if it’s mixed in with some sort of pasta. I can pretty much eat anything with pasta..:) I walk a lot, some bike riding and yes, I enjoy libraries and book stores where I can just browse and read. Have a great day!



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