Reversing Course

I’ve been walking almost every day, weather permitting, for close to twenty years. I have two routes. One takes me to the park, where there are a couple of different paths to follow and one takes me through the neighborhoods around here. During the past few months I’ve stayed away from the park; there’s just too many people walking too close together. I usually walk the same route through the neighborhoods, occasionally taking some side roads, but every once in a while I reverse my route. That’s where it begins to get interesting.

When I walk my regular route, I see the same homes in the same way every day. Nothing much changes. However, when I reverse direction, I pass the same homes I always do but I see them differently. I’m walking from a different angle, have different views and I begin to see things I never saw or noticed before. My perspective changes simply by reversing course. I see the other side of homes. Strange the way that works.

I think life is like that sometimes. Many of us go through our daily lives in the same way each day; the same routines each morning, the same route to work, the same opinion of people or social issues or what’s going on in the world around us. We sometimes go through our lives robotically, never glancing one way or the other, believing what we think we know, always focused on what’s in front of us and where we have to be.

We never find, or seem to have the time, to reverse our course, and yet, it’s so easy to do.

But what if we did? What if we took a step back or sideways on occasion and tried to see things differently. There’s beauty, and a changing perspective, in a different path though our daily lives. Our destination can be the same but our direction or how we get there might be different. Who knows, maybe even a slight change in direction can alter our destination or thoughts and allow us to find out something special about ourselves or others.

Life is funny like that.


24 thoughts on “Reversing Course

  1. Kate Crimmins

    I do that in my neighborhood too. There are some that don’t seem to change, looking the same from both sides. But there are others that definitely have a “different” side. In this trying time, I’ve found that with friends too.

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  2. Tony Kovatch

    I think if we are willing to regularly see things from a different perspective, we will be more inclined to follow the advice of poet Robert Frost and take the “road less travelled by.” And that will make all the difference.

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  3. Ann Coleman

    That’s such a good point, George! I know you’re speaking metaphorically, but once I was in the yard of the neighbor who lives behind us, and was so startled to see how much different my house looked from that angle. I also saw a few improvements that needed to be made that I had been completely blind to. So, when you think about the world or my life and the importance of seeing things from a different perspective, it’s definitely the same thing. Great post!

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  4. George Lacherza

    “What you see is what you get” (great R&B song btw) not always the case if we take the time to explore a different perspective. Enjoyed the post. Hope all is well my friend.

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  5. aginggracefullymyass

    Well…I not only reversed direction, but I am pretty sure I entered the space-time continum and am operating in a reverse parallel universe. Big changes in life are always unsettling, especially if you make them during a pandemic. I’m hoping to come out the other side a better AGMA! It’s good to be back!



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