I just changed the time on sixteen clocks in our home. That doesn’t include those things like cable boxes that change automatically. The obvious question is why, in this digital age, do I have sixteen clocks to change but I already know the answer to that. I wasn’t born in a digital age and some of these pieces have some significance. Of course, some don’t, but that’s my problem..

However, the bigger question for me, is why do I have to do this? Why can’t we just agree on one set time, high-five each other and go along with our lives. Why do we go through this minutia twice a year? Why? Somehow, I think politics is involved, But then, I  think politics is involved in everything these days. I’ve become paranoid.

Next election, I’m going to vote for anyone who believes this whole spring ahead/fall back thing should be abolished and includes it on their platform. The six thousand mailers, four thousand emails and 4500 phones calls, I’ve received in the last three weeks have driven me to the breaking point. Thank God DVR’s were invented or I’d have to sit through who knows how many commercials.

So if anybody out there is listening. My vote is available.

63 thoughts on “Why?

  1. edgar62

    It was first thought of by the American politician, and inventor, Benjamin Franklin who thought it was good for people to get out of bed an hour earlier. People snorted and went back to sleep. At the end of the 19th Century and into the early 20th. William Willett became very cross that he had to stop playing golf in the early evening because the sun went to bed. He spent years trying to convince people that moving the clocks forward and backward would be a good idea. The British government played with the idea but no one liked it so it was scrapped. The idea of changing the clocks was introduced as a war (World War One – you must have heard about that – it was in all the papers) measure in 1916. Actually, it was first inflicted on the world by the Germans in 1915. We’ve never changed it even thought a vast amount of people don’t like it. But we keep it as it is, which means that if we want to we can fire rockets and launch artillery at people we don’t like until 10 – 10:30 at night there is still enough light to do so. AND, if we’re not doing that, we can always play golf. –

    So sorry George. I got carried away….

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  2. Svet Pavlovsky

    I don’t think politics were involved in this one but rather the way earth moves during the winter time. I was driving to work at 7 am every morning and it was very dark outside, and I was actually waiting for the moment that the time would change.

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  3. Kate Crimmins

    I’m in the minority here. I love it. I love long summer nights with light and you can’t have those without daylight savings time. Maybe you can get rid of some of your clocks? We have converted to Atomic clocks where ever we can. If only they would put those on appliances!

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    1. George Post author

      Believe me, I’ve been trying to eliminate. And I’ll continue to try..:)
      I want both long summer nights and sunshine in the early morning. And I want chocolate to not have calories. And pasta. And pizza. Not too much to ask.


  4. Helen Devries

    No change of hour in Costa Rica, thank goodness.
    In the end, while in France, we just used to ignore the clocks and various timing devices in the house and make a mental note that we were an hour behind…or ahead…or whatever it was.

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  5. aFrankAngle

    Here in SW Ohio, an abundance TV ads have been going on since August – and one key House race has demonstrated the problem each party has. Toss in races for Governor and Senator, whew … I’m tired …. and also thankful for recording and forwarding through commercials. Meanwhile, I think 2 days for the beginning of a new month, there should be a drawing/coin flip/ or whatever to determine what we will do for the next month. Betting along should help with government deficits.

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  6. The Coastal Crone

    My vote would be for doing away with DST too. I don’t think most people like it, but even voting on that might divide us! As soon as the mid-term elections are over, candidates will start on the presidential election and they are way too long!

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      1. thechickengrandma

        I’m with you all the way George! I want it all too…..not fond of these short cool days.
        I am doing better all the time….slow progress…but progress.
        And how are you all doing over your way? You are in my prayers also.

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  7. Almost Iowa

    I got a really great clock setter, really great. It sets clocks, any clock, all clocks…really great. I love clocks, all clocks, clocks are my friends. Some of my best friends are clocks. Really great clocks. 🙂 🙂

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  8. sportsattitudes

    It’s great to hear from another charter member of the “One Time Party.” I do my best to spread as much negativity as possible about “Savings Time” as I can, hoping one day the time will come when common sense will be re-elected, and once more serve the people well when it comes to time-keeping.



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