Sign Sign, Everywhere A Sign

I love looking for fun sayings which are placed on almost anything these days. Here are some which I’ve been gathering the last few months.

I think many can attest to this one.

At least it’s something..

Yeah, well…

Don’t we all know at least one person like this!

Not a political statement but it’s hard to deny sometimes..

Enough said!

I think wine can be inserted into this also.

Okay then…

Any arguments? Didn’t think so..:)

True enough.

No argument here.

I bought this t-shirt with someone in mind…:)

I don’t know who they’re taking about..:)

It’s still a pretty long list!

It’s why I love chocolate!

This might be my favorite..:)


51 thoughts on “Sign Sign, Everywhere A Sign

  1. Jodi

    These are sooooo good! I smiled the whole way through wanting to name a fave and then liking the next each one better than the one before. Thanks for sharing George! Always nice to see a post from you!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Book Club Mom

    Haha! These really made me laugh! I especially like the “still talking” t-shirt. It’s also so interesting to me how much wisdom is in some of these sayings, even when they’re written in chalk. Glad I caught this post!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Manja Mexi Movie

    Hehe, fun. Most of these I know, keeping away from children is a new one for me, and the Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right I have written on my glasses right here. 🙂 Here is one for you: “I’ve decided not to have children. The kids are taking it pretty bad.”



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