It was the end of the school day and the second grade class I was a substitute for that day was packed up and waiting to be called for their individual buses. Some were talking, some were playing games and some were showing off a bit, as second graders sometimes do.

When I looked over at Carter, he had a piece of construction paper out and was drawing what looked to be a card. Curious, I walked over and asked him what he was making. He told me it was a card for his mom. I asked him if it was for a special occasion, her birthday or something else but he just shook his head, smiled a little and said, “I just want to make her a card, but I don’t know what to write.”

I kneeled down next to him and asked him what he wanted to say. He looked at me and said, “I want to thank her for what she does for me.” I told him that was nice of him and maybe he can think of two or three things to write that stand out the most. He turned away from me, stared out the window and said, “She does everything for me. I don’t know how to write that.”

Before I could answer him or suggest some words, his bus was called and he had to leave. As I was driving home behind a school bus, I was wondering how his card would turn out and what he might write. Then the school bus stopped and I saw Carter step off, run over to a young woman, wrap his arms around her waist and press his head against her.

Maybe he finished the card that night, maybe the next day. Maybe he found the words he needed or maybe he’s still working on it. I’m not sure. But I smiled when I saw him hug his mom, not because he wanted to write that card or how his words made me feel. I smiled because…

Carter was home.


36 thoughts on “Carter

  1. Jodi

    sooooo sweet! reminds me of the hugs from my boys when they got off the bus – or even the bear hugs I get from them now. Moms can never have too many hugs from their “Carters!”

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  2. DailyMusings

    What a wonderful little boy he is. It’s not often someone that young stops to think about what his mom does for him, it is usually just a taken for granted thing…. this is so special George, thanks for sharing it- really touching

    Liked by 1 person

  3. roughwighting

    Oh my gosh, tears in my eyes! I remember when my son was that age and he’d save his allowance money and buy me a single red rose. Then when he was in his early teens and working a bit, he’d buy me a bracelet or some trinket. That all stopped by the time he was in college, then married, and now has a wife to buy roses for. But every once in a while, he sends me a card that says he loves and appreciates me. Oh boy you know I save those cards in the bottom of my dresser drawers and will keep them forever. ❤️

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