Three Quotes And A Photo

We took a two-week road trip recently through Virginia, Tennessee and Kentucky, (another blog), and I came across three quotes or phrases that I thought were fun, along with one very interesting photo.

The phrases first…

What is a bookshelf other than a treasure chest for a curious mind.
(I like this for all the obvious reasons)

Say what you will about the south but no one retires and moves north.
(I never thought about this before but there is some truth to the words)

Intoxicated people, children and leggings, never lie.
(Well now, we can go on forever about this line)

As for the photo, I was stopped at a light in Lexington, Kentucky and saw this window advertisement for the attached business.

Now, I’m not really sure what kind of establishment this is. Is it a bait and tackle shop? A bar and grill? I was thinking maybe both but the fine print right next to her lips and below the anchor says…you’re sure to catch something.

That altered my mindset just a bit. While I was tempted to investigate, I thought better of it and left when the light turned green. Not that I wasn’t curious but you know what they say about curiosity.

Besides, I just wasn’t in the mood to catch anything from a place called Ole Hookers.

55 thoughts on “Three Quotes And A Photo

  1. DailyMusings

    great quotes and what a riot that store front window is! There are so many double entendres- if that is the right phrase- bait and tackle, ole hookers- quite funny and clever. Don’t know if I’d want to stop there either!

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  2. quiall

    Ha ha ha! I once told a crowded room that I was a hooker just before I held up the rug I was working on. It definitely got a laugh. Love the quotes. I’ve got lots of bookcases in my home.

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  3. Osyth

    Everyone a winner (the quotes) and on my list of best named shops and business’s (the bar) which has been a work in progress ever since I first spied ‘Son of a Beach’ tanning parkour in Oxford moons and moons ago.

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  4. Ann Coleman

    Too funny! Giving Ole Hookers a pass was a wise decision…whatever you could catch in there, you probably don’t want! As for leggings not lying, I couldn’t agree more. Which is why I never, ever, wear them. My baggy jeans lie all the time, and I’m perfectly okay with that little bit of untruth.

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  5. Lori

    Haha. I just saw this funny post, George. Love it. The last two quotes I could say a lot about. I lived in Florida for many, many years and told my husband if we didn’t move before retirement, we were moving back north in retirement. Thankfully, we got here before retirement, and I won’t go back, at least not for more than a month or two. 😉

    I need to tell my mom that third quote. She’s always bugging me to wear leggings.

    Thanks for sharing these. I hope you had a nice road trip. I spent a lot of time driving through Kentucky and Tennessee all those years driving up from Florida back home to visit family in Chicago. Loved Tennessee.

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  6. reocochran

    If I were with a friend, I would have jumped at the chance, just to check the interior out! But you were on the road. . . I just heard a nice review over Charles Kurault’s Fifty Years of reporting “On the Road!!” The driver was talking about the way it went and they showed amazing clips. Just fun to see this window and thinking about your own road trip!
    Thank you for being a kind fellow blogger and sticking with my posts, George. 😀 🙆

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    1. George Post author

      Lol…good for you. And since we’re both now retired, if we decided to move north, Maine would be the place. We love it there. It’s our go to happy olace😊


      1. oldmainer

        Can’t beat it. The way life should be. By the way. Just started following you. Don’t know why I didn’t do it a long time ago. Love your stuff. Maybe it’s because I am one of the harmless unhinged among us.:)

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      2. George Post author

        Lol… Glad you’re one of the many..:)
        What part of Maine did you retire to? We usually go up the southern coast..Ogunquit, Boothbay, been as far up as Bar Harbor. Love the rocky coastline, the simplicity of life and of course, the many lobster shacks along the way.:)


      3. oldmainer

        We are in southern Maine in the small town of Gray which is about 20 minutes north of Portland and about a 30 minute drive to the coast, in the heart of the Sebago Lake region. Beautiful country and yes, the food ain’t bad either:)

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      4. George Post author

        That a beautiful area and Portland is a fun town with great restaurants. Took a lobster food tour there last year and had a fun time. You’re a lucky person..:)


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