A Little Political Fun

Here is a short but interesting little quiz that’s apparently been taken over 45 million times. It asks a few questions about where you stand on the most important issues in the upcoming election and then matches your answers to the candidate whose views you most closely associate with.

I know some people who were very surprised at the results after taking the quiz. Maybe your results will be in line with whom you’ve chosen to vote for, or maybe it’ll make you smile or even laugh once your results are shown.

If you have a few minutes, it might be fun. Unless of course, you don’t want to know….:)

Happy Voting!


32 thoughts on “A Little Political Fun

  1. davidprosser

    No idea who most of the candidates there but I got 84% Jill Stein and 83% Hillary Clinton. Trump was lowest on 23% with a Libertarian in between. I’m waiting to see if the Libertarians get enough votes to become recognised as a party next time.

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  2. Ann Coleman

    Well, I took the quiz (funny how I hang up on people who call me wanting me to take a short quiz, but put that quiz on the internet and I’ll gladly participate!), but my results are as confused as I am. My main pick was neither one of the main candidates, as I would have expected, but on some of the side issues, darned if I didn’t hit every one of them. Even a few whose names I didn’t recognize…. Just goes to show how out of the main stream I really am! Thanks for this, George, it was fun!

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  3. socialbridge

    Hi George, I hope you’re coping okay after the election.
    I did the quiz back when you posted and was almost 100% Green.
    Here in Ireland, there is a lot of devastation over the US result at your side as well as the UK leaving the European Union. It’s like there’s issues both sides of us that are not to our advantage, to put it mildly.



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