61 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast

  1. thechickengrandma

    I love the outtakes!!! My husband just purchased a full body coyote costume at the Goodwill store the other day. (I am not sure why….it might be a guy thing?) If I could just convince him to put it on I could get a picture and share that one LOL

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  2. sportsattitudes

    George, I hope you and yours had the best Halloween. We had nice, crisp weather…lots of trick-or-treaters…and everyone seemed to enjoy the evening. I just started wandering amongst the blogosphere again a day or so ago and this post was the first one I came across. These pictures made me smile…and also served as a very nice “welcome back” of sorts.


      1. sportsattitudes

        Hey George…just “returned” to the blogosphere at Halloween and like I said, your post was “next man up” on my Reader. I am well and hope you are also. Glad to be reading your writing once more.

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  3. Rowena

    What fabulous photos. You must’ve had so much fun and your dog really does look like a lion! I’m Australian and Halloween’s almost a non-event here. We did take the kids trick-or-treating. The scariest thing we came across was a plover bird with two chicks. I don’t know if you have plovers over there but they can be fierce defenders of their turf. Very scary.

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    1. George Post author

      Thank you, Rowena. They really do have fun together. It’s actually my granddaughter and my daughters Golden.
      I don’t think we have plovers here but if they’re scary I’m glad we don’t…:)
      Thank you for reading.

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