No Raw Cookie Dough?

So the FDA has announced that it’s no longer safe to eat raw cookie dough or batter. The FDA, that bastion of all things right. The organization that consistently allows things to come on the market and then pulls it after they find there may be a bit of a problem associated with it. These are the people  who are trying to mess with my ability to enjoy life. Because really, has anyone ever told you that it was safe to eat cookie dough? Of course not. We just did it anyway. We lived dangerously. We chose the wild side.


It seems that it’s not just raw eggs that can cause you to get sick but flour can also harbor E. Coli. Okay, thanks for the heads up. FDA. I’ll take your warnings under advisement. By the way, when you found red coloring No. 3 caused cancer you banned it from cosmetics in 1990. Nice move. I’m just a little confused on why you allow it to remain in our foods. I’m sure there’s some logic you can provide for that along with other questionable decisions you’ve made in the past.

Apparently General Mills recalled all types of flour at the end of last year because of this contamination, however I can tell you without hesitation that since that time, cookie dough has passed my lips on several occasions with no problems.  The FDA claims that since December, 38 people in 20 states have become sick with diarrhea and stomach cramps that can last up to a week. That’s roughly five people a month. I don’t know about you, but I like my chances. It’s safer than getting in a car, that’s for sure. I wonder what would happen if I pushed the envelope and drove while eating cookie dough at the same time. Do you think it’s against the law? Do you think the FDA works with local law enforcement? Because if you cramp up while driving, well, that could create a messy situation.


Oh yeah, the FDA also suggested that we not give children cookie dough to play with. Come on, let’s get serious. Does the FDA  think we’re all savages without an ounce of common sense in our bodies? I mean, I love kids, but cookie dough should be revered and kept in a place of respect. We don’t play with cookie dough. We eat it. What was the FDA thinking?


So based on my findings, or should I say the FDA’s, the risk for getting sick because of this flour thing is very small. Heck, we all sometimes get a stomach virus without going near cookie dough or cake batter. If we do get it because of that, at least we derived an afternoon of enjoyment in the process. So I’ll take my chances.  Because anyone who has licked a cake batter bowl or enjoyed a taste of cookie dough understands that this is one of life’s great pleasures. But I know there are some of you out there who don’t condone this practice and I respect your opinion. Just do me one favor…

Please pass the cookie dough before you leave.

P.S. I wonder what’s going to happen to all that cookie dough ice cream.





76 thoughts on “No Raw Cookie Dough?

      1. Steven Baird

        And you never know what the negative effects of eating too much chocolate could be. Polish the pitchforks and light them torches, we don’t want to hear it. 🙂


  1. Miriam

    Pass me some cookie dough please George, and while you’re at it let’s throw in some red AND blue coloring … I like living dangerously! 🙂


  2. Helen Devries

    Were that the case I have a list of brattish children to whom I would force feed the dough and leave their parents to cope with the consequences, but as these are the very children who would be forbidden to scrape out bowls in case they soiled their designer clothing I’m on a hiding to nothing…


      1. In My Cluttered Attic

        I fear the FDA was born adults. I’m doing okay, thank you for asking, George. Been a little busy of late and also planning a few trips that are coming up, but I’m anxious to get back to writing in my blog. Have a happy 4th, George!


  3. Barb Knowles

    When I think of how many times I “licked the bowl,” having to take turns with my brothers, of course, I’m surprised I’m still alive. And don’t raw eggs cure scurvy? Not an issue at the moment in my household, lol, but I remember reading that.


  4. Wendy

    Ok, I’ll have to make some cookies today, and start nibbling the creamed butter and brown sugar, then work my way up to full fledged dough. I’m living dangerous all weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Ann Coleman

    I’m gonna keep right on eating raw cookie dough, because like you, I’m okay with the odds of actually getting sick from it. I’m beginning to think that if we listened to all the warnings about food and drink we would all starve to death within a month. Just yesterday I heard that the newest caution is hot drinks, which they now believe cause cancer. So, now we’re not supposed to drink hot coffee or tea? What about heating hot soup, or gravy? Sort of makes me want to crawl under a rock and stay there , as long as I have a big bowl of raw cookie dough to keep me adequately nourished….. Great post, George!


  6. Sheila Moss

    I have never understood why people like the taste of raw cookie dough. But there are a lot of things I don’t understand. Play dough for children made of flour and salt is a common homemade craft item. You have to wonder how they have all survived before we knew about this hazzard.


  7. The Coastal Crone

    While I eat a bite or two cookie batter, I prefer to lick the spoon of any dessert I prepare. Pound cake batter it my favorite. Growing up I ate worse than cookie batter. At my advanced age I will take my chances with flour! Cheers!

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  8. reocochran

    My all time favorite cookie dough is Russian tea cakes or pecan nut ball cookie dough. I honestly remember my still friend Sandy whose mother had a whole bucket of this in her garage freezer. Every time we headed out for a long bike ride we took a giant wooden spoon full each and savored it. So yummy!! My cure or solution would be to freeze all cookie dough. Doesn’t it kill germs? 😉
    Just now, wondering if she noticed at Christmas cookie baking time how little was left of her dough?


    1. George Post author seems like you friends mom was a great source of nourishment for you two as you were growing up. I’m sure she noticed and smiled…:)
      Hey, if you believe freezing kills germs, it works for me..:)
      Bon appetite.


      1. George Post author

        Thakk you, Cindy. It’s always nice to know that someone enjoys what I write. That’s very kind of you to say. Only a hundred or so more to go…lol. Thank, again.😊


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