Fleeting Thought

Everything is a smart device these days so I wasn’t surprised to hear that someone created a smart bra for women. Makes sense, right?

Of course, after hearing that I wondered how long it would be before someone developed smart boxers or briefs for men.

Then I realized that technology doesn’t deal in oxymorons.

So I went back to reading my book.



52 thoughts on “Fleeting Thought

  1. Nancy

    LOL!! Even funnier is the fact that you are the second person in so many days to make me laugh out loud regarding the “smart bra”! I don’t know if you are familiar with Lisa Scottoline’s Sunday column but this week’s was a hoot. Here is the link in case you want to see her take on the new technology in ladies undergarments. 😊 http://scottoline.com/Column/

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    1. Holly'sMom

      Loved reading this! I have to admit I have not heard of the SmartBra. I’m wondering how long after it comes out they will decide the SmartBra leads to better chances of breast cancer, as they now say tucking a cell phone in your bra can do. Good lord! A bra is uncomfortable enough! Why do you want to add the bulk of a cell phone anyway?! Regardless, loved this column, and this quote from it:
      “On the contrary, I know a plethora of eager women who wish they didn’t have to wear a bra at all.
      I also know a plethora of eager women who take their bra off the moment they hit the house. ”

      I’m not afraid to raise my hand in agreement with those two sentences. πŸ˜‰

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      1. Nancy

        Yep, my hand is raised too! Why do manufacturers think they have to keep improving on bras anyway. It’s job is pretty straight forward (no pun intended). What they should work on is selling a decent bra that doesn’t cost a fortune.

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      2. George Post author

        I don’t have that problem but from a practical standpoint, it doesn’t make sense. I just never understood why so little fabric costs so much. Then again, they always get people in stable items.

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  2. sportsattitudes

    If design was encouraged for a “smart” piece of clothing for men it would have to be briefs or boxers as it is often said most all men think with…well…you know.


    1. George Post author

      Funny post, Barb. I never knew until this post how many women despised their bras. It’s amazing, with all the creativity and research that goes into these things, they can’t make something that feels like you’re not wearing anything, or is at least comfortable..:)

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