Anniversary Re-Blog (I Don’t Want To See The Faces Anymore)

I’ve grown tired of the media on so many levels. This is just one of them.

I Don’t Want To See The Faces Anymore

I’m tired of having the faces put up on a screen in front me by people looking for sensationalized ratings; faces that have taken so many innocent lives, who have been turned into fifteen minute celebrities at the expense of faces that will never be shown, lives that will never be discussed and futures that will never be realized.

I don’t want to see the Columbine shooters who killed 13 students and injured 24.

I don’t want to see the Virginia Tech shooter who killed 32 students.

I don’t want to see the Northern Illinois University shooter who killed five and injured 16 more.

I don’t want to see the Fort Hood shooters who killed a total of 16 and injured 48 more.

I don’t want to see the Salt Lake City or Omaha shopping mall shooters who killed 13 and injured eight.

I don’t want to see the Aurora Movie Theatre shooter who killed 12 and injured 58.

I don’t want to see the Oklahoma City bomber who killed 168 and injured another 600.

I don’t want to see the beltway snipers who killed 10 people.

I don’t want to see the Washington Navy Yard shooter who killed 13 people.

I don’t want to see the faces of the terrorists involved in the 9/11 attacks that killed nearly 3000 people.

I don’t want to see the brothers who killed 3 and injured 264 at the Boston Marathon bombing.

I don’t want to see the faces of those who’ve walked into places of business and killed countless co-workers.

I don’t want to see the faces of significant others who have killed their partners and have become sensationalized celebrities.

I don’t want to see the Sandy Hook shooter who murdered 26 innocent children and teachers.

I don’t even want their names mentioned.

I’m tired of having these people live on notoriously through countless news stories. Quite frankly, I don’t care who they are, what their back story is, where they live, who their second grade teacher was, how shocked their friends are, what job they lost, if they were bullied in grade school, why their significant other dumped them, if they came from a privileged life or struggled financially. I don’t want to know about those things or see those faces. I don’t want to possibly encourage someone else that may be looking for the same distorted notoriety.

You know what I’d like to see? The faces of the people who have the guts to make changes to the mental health care and gun control issues that have fueled many of these crimes. But they’re nowhere to be seen. They’re hiding under the cloaks of special interest groups and votes.

Quite honestly, I’ve lost all hope of change. If the mental image of 20, six-year-old children, being slaughtered with an assault rifle as they sat in a first grade classroom doesn’t encourage us to do something, I don’t believe anything will.

Just don’t show me the faces of the sick cowards who committed these crimes under the guise of need to know information when we all understand it’s really a ratings grab. I’m done with that parade.

19 thoughts on “Anniversary Re-Blog (I Don’t Want To See The Faces Anymore)

  1. Helen Devries

    Clickbait…isn’t that what they call it?
    Who in their right minds wants to know about these people? I know it’s too much to ask that the media ignore them…they want ratings to attract advertisers…but couldn’t people campaign to ask companoies advertising in these media to refuse to do so if this sort of thing is published? They may have no conscience, but if they are hit in the pocket they may find they can pretend to have one.


    1. George Post author

      I agree with you, Helen. I never heard clickbait before but it’s so it’s so appropriate. Money talks and the only thing that will change what we see. Thank you for commenting.


  2. sportsattitudes

    We know the media well enough to know they’ll never stop using these folks as fodder to fill their 24/7 “news” cycles. We also know to get ahead in government one has to straddle the fence of public opinion on as many topics as possible and gun control is easily maintained by politicians as an arena where they can speak out of behalf of both “sides”…sides of their mouths that is. It is an area easily side-stepped from serious action being taken. And that’s truly sad…because there are meaningful steps that can be taken immediately…if anyone had the courage to step up.


    1. George Post author

      I couldn’t agree more and I think those immediate steps you speak about are reasonable and can be implemented with a bit of common sense. But then I might be asking for too much.:)

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