Anniversary Re-Blog (Elvis Has Never Really Left The Building)

As part of my one year blogging anniversary, I thought I’d repeat some of my favorite posts from this past year, mainly the early ones, when the only people who read them were family members I threatened and strangers I paid. Just kidding, for anyone who takes my comments too seriously.
Anyway, I wrote this a while ago and had fun trying to incorporate his song titles into a poem that made sense.

    Elvis Has Never Really Left The Building

Big plans, they told me
unparalleled popularity.
Already had that, but I
needed to get away, I was
All Shook Up, tired of
Suspicious Minds, and
that damn Hard Headed Woman.
Thirty years of hiding in
one Heartbreak Hotel after another.
For what?
Got money now but
too rich to come out,
too poor to die.
And so,
One Night I asked myself,
Are You Lonesome Tonight?
Is this,
Too Much?
I miss my old
Hound Dog, my
Teddy Bear, my
Good Luck Charm.
Once in a while they bring me a
Big Hunk of Love, but
She’s Not You, I
don’t get that,
Burning Love from them, I’m
Stuck On You, I
Need Your Love Tonight, miss the
Wonder of You, I
Can’t Help Falling In Love with my
Bossa Nova Baby, been
Crying In The Chapel, and I
Feel So Bad, just want to
Surrender, and I know
A Fool Such As I, isn’t worthy of
Loving You, but
I Want You, I Need You, I Love You.
Love Me,
Love Me Tender.
Don’t be,
The Devil In Disguise.
I Beg Of You,
Don’t Be Cruel.
Wear My Ring Around Your Neck, I’m
here, I’m
hiding, In The Ghetto,
so, please,
it’s Now or Never.

33 thoughts on “Anniversary Re-Blog (Elvis Has Never Really Left The Building)

    1. George Post author

      Lol…impossible to do it with a one-hit wonder but you have me thinking about doing one with a couple of dozen one hit wonders. That might be interesting..:)


  1. Dale

    I was raised on Elvis Presley and country music. This was great, George!
    Really? You’ve only been blogging for one year! Wow… Congrats on your blogaversary!


      1. In My Cluttered Attic

        Yeah, your right, George. I suddenly realized I hadn’t posted since Halloween. I had to go down to LALA land on some business—yep, occasionally I do covet money—and then we decided to party on at Disneyland. And although that proved to be delightful, I suspect I have now come down with a rather nasty cold. Curse that darn recycled air they have on airplanes, or any other planes for that matter. I’m heading back up to “The Attic” to pound out more drivel before the search party arrives, and I’m forced to give them this same lame excuse. Thanks for the concern, George. :O)


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