Take A Walk With Me

Most mornings, except for the brutal cold of winter, I walk about four miles at a park near our home. I’ve been doing it for about a dozen years. I try to go out early, before the park gets busy, because I like having it mostly to myself. Sometimes I’ll put on the headphones, sometimes I enjoy listening to the sounds of silence. Sometimes I take my bike. I could go to the gym, as I have in the past but then I wouldn’t have this……

IMG_1132Or thisIMG_1133I wouldn’t see
my early morning
fishing friend            IMG_1135Or look out over
the footbridge toward
the gazebo                    IMG_1134
I enjoy theses images
as I walk                        IMG_1138


IMG_1156The Imagination Station
playground for children to enjoy    IMG_1140

Our memorial to
the 9/11 attacks with
steel from the towers IMG_1153Honoring our veterans
from past wars       IMG_1155The beach is closed
this early in the day IMG_1144I think there’s a letter
missing at the softball
field. Not sure what
bat winging is.IMG_1158That’s better. Glad
we have that corrected.IMG_1159So I could probably go to the gym with dozens of other people who stare aimlessly at the TV screen as they run or walk on their treadmill. I could listen to them grunt as they pump iron or go through the circuits. There is nothing wrong with that. Exercise is important.

But I choose diamonds
to watch on the lakeIMG_1147

Besides, I like walking in the rain, on early summer days, or fall crisp mornings; days that are so beautiful you feel like you could eat them.

What about you? Where would you rather be?

Thanks for joining me on my morning walk.



28 thoughts on “Take A Walk With Me

  1. Dale

    I’m with you, George! I am presently wasting $25/month by not going to the gym because I would rather look at diamonds on the river/creeks/brooks (no lake in my neck of the woods!), walk my dog, run into friendly folk who are just yearning to talk to someone, take pictures of the ever-changing landscape, discover new pathways…

    I, too, like to go early, especially in the summer as it would be ridiculously unfair to Zeke to go in super hot and humid weather and he so enjoys taking his walks with me. Unlike you, the brutal cold of winter doesn’t stop me! 😉

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    1. George Post author

      Unfortunately, when it gets into the teens with wind, I prefer the warmth of a fireplace…:) kudos for braving the cold weather. But I do like walks in the rain. Don’t know why more people don’t do it. Well, except cold rain, of course..:)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Dale

        Gotta keep them “old” bones warm, eh? We Canadians are a tough lot! (Just joshing!)
        I LOVE walks in the warm summer rain, when you can feel the heat from the asphalt bouncing up with the rain and that wonderful petrichor scent. Love, love, love!


      2. George Post author

        Lol…yes, I do. I know you Canadians are much tougher. That bitter cold weather does me in. I was made for warmer climates but it just didn’t work out that way….:) maybe my next life.

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      3. Dale

        Maybe it’s time you thought of becoming a “Snow Bird”?
        Much as I can endure the cold, I have no intention of forcing myself in the future!!!


  2. A.PROMPTreply

    George, this is a lovely walk. Thanks for taking me with you. (Do, however, wish you could have your images show in the post instead of having to click on them one by one…..not laziness on my part as much as just wanting to feast my eyes quickly onto the next delight!)

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      1. Dale

        That’s weird… they show up on the post for me. Of course, if you want to see bigger images, then you must click on them but otherwise, they are fine!


  3. fillyourownglass

    Thank you for allowing us to join you on your morning walk! I can see why you have chosen the place you have- what a great way to start the day! I am a despiser of treadmills, and I always opt for nature when possible. Thanks for sharing your photos!

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  4. Pistachios

    There are days I’d like to go for an early morning walk/run, but mostly I can’t drag myself out of bed early enough… I usually run in the late afternoon instead. At least I can still enjoy a good sunset!
    And I agree – being outdoors definitely beats being holed up in a gym


  5. uju

    Such beautiful shots especially the last! Felt like I was on that walk with you.
    Is this an actual camera or a phone cam? It takes such lovely photos.
    I intend to buy a camera soonest (like really really soon) and I signed up for the Photo 101 class here on WordPress. Methinks it will be fun 🙂

    I do love photography a lot more than writing. Thanks for taking me on this walk.


    1. George Post author

      I’m not a photographer but I love photographs and taking pictures. This was an iphone6. Nothing special. But it takes pretty good pictures considering. Glad you enjoyed them.



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