Playing On The Dark Side

As I’ve written before, every once in a while I enjoy going out of my comfort zone and writing something different for me. Here is one example…

Wherever You Are

She woke up covered in blood; the weight of it clinging to her like a saturated overcoat. Her hands pulled frantically at the fabric of her nightgown, ripping it open and exposing her stained pale skin. Around her, the still fresh liquid seemed to ooze everywhere, her sheet a frozen snapshot of red sprayed bolts of lightning.

Her mind began to scream at the silent questions that framed the images, as her eyes and fingers searched for its source. She crawled out of bed and placed one foot on the tile floor, slipping on a dark red puddle that caused her to sprawl back against the mattress, her body partially hanging off the side. A guttural sound passed her lips as her legs tried to push her body back onto the bed; feet slipping like a sprinter in mud at the sound of a starter’s gun. Her hands clutched the same sheets she tried to escape from moments before while the darkening liquid slid freely between her curled toes like a warm frothy broth.

Her eyes were like magnets now, searching the room while locking onto spattered pieces of her life. Everything, it seemed, had been touched by what clung to her, though she didn’t know or understand why. She tore back the sheets. Nothing. She slipped off the pillowcases and pulled back the edges of the mattress searching for anything; a weapon, some trace of this horror. Nothing.

She sat straight up and stared at her reflection in the mirror across the room. Her temples felt as if they were being squeezed together in a vise, as her head pounded in a cadence that seemed strangely familiar. She lifted her hands to the sides of her face, digging her fingers into her scalp. “What is this?” she moaned softly.

She began rhythmically rocking in place, then swung her head quickly to the bedroom door as she heard two loud knocks. The silence that followed caused her head to pound even more. She stared at the handle as it began to turn slowly, before grabbing a bloody pillow and wrapping her arms around it. She squeezed it to her chest as she waited for the door to move. It creaked like an old man on a rainy day as it swung open.

“Time for your medication, Amy. Are you going to behave for me today?”

Amy nodded as she lay back against the clean white sheets.”Yes, I’ll be good, Mrs. Righter. You won’t have to call anyone.”

“Thank you.” She handed Amy a cup with two pills in it. “Did you have a good visit with your husband this morning?”

Amy smiled.”Yes, I did. In fact, he was here right before you walked in.”

“I’m so glad. How’s he been?”

Amy paused for a moment before answering, her eyes panning the room as her lips formed a crooked grin. “Oh he hasn’t changed at all, Mrs. Righter. He always looks the same to me.”

22 thoughts on “Playing On The Dark Side

  1. Francesca Smith

    This is very intense, and leaves the reader with some interesting questions. Is Amy a patient at a psychiatric hospital? Why does blood symbolise her husband?
    The darkness and confusion came across well too, and I could picture that room clearly. I enjoyed this story.


  2. Mindy

    I agree, great imagery! I felt like I was on the edge of my seat while reading it too, although, I suppose I was… you get what I mean though!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lekha murali

    Its a macabre, but beautiful story. I like it that the ending is up for speculation.

    My guess about the source of all that spewing blood in the nightmare is Amy’s husband. Maybe that’s what she wants to do to him or maybe she is anxious for his safety, because he got mixed up with the wrong people.

    Liked by 1 person

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  5. Dale

    I think I did hold my breath during most of this! What a great, horrid story! Love the twist at the end (I can now see why you like when MY stories end with a twist!)
    When you play on the dark side, you don’t pussyfoot!

    Liked by 1 person


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