Inside The Mind Of A Second Grader

As many of you know, I do some substitute teaching for elementary school grades. Today I had a second grade class that was given an assignment to complete over the weekend. They had to make a list of the top four things they would change if given the opportunity.

UnknownThe following is a list of the top suggestions as voted on by eighteen second grade students. After compiling this list, the students were then allowed to cast two votes each for the selection they thought should win. Those votes are in parentheses.

Welcome to the mind of a second grader.

1. Must be at least four years old to be president. (4)

2. Must be at least 6 years old to vote. (1)

3. Allowed to eat candy every day. (7)

4. Treat everyone fairly. (1)

5. Will be paid 100.00 dollars on a daily basis. (6)

6. No smoking (4)

7. Recycle (1)

8. Eat pizza every day (2)

9. Have fun (4)

10. No bad words (5)

11. No littering (1)

12. No Healthy Eating (0)



The top vote getter was eating candy everyday followed closely by being paid 100.00 dollars on a daily basis. So clearly money and candy are big priorities for second graders who at least understand the concept of not being able to have one without the other. Though how far 100.00 dollars goes based on the price of candy these days is wide open for discussion.

I thought it was interesting that you could be president at 4 but not allowed to vote until 6. Sort of cuts down on your constituency, don’t you think?

I’m heartened by the interest in not smoking or use of bad words but surprised by only one vote for treating people fairly. But then, maybe they understand the concept of being president at four and how that relates to politics and a lack of fairness to the general playground population.

I also like that having fun had some votes but disappointed there were only two votes for eating pizza everyday since that would have been close to the top of my list.

No healthy eating? I don’t even know where to go with that or what might have been in the mind of the individual who offered this up but at least it didn’t get any votes, not even from the one who suggested it. Although I do wonder what side of the extreme food chain, his or her eating habits currently fall.

Finally, recycling and no littering seem to be bringing up the rear which makes me wonder if they have any interest or concept of the environment. Then again, how much can you expect from little candy eating, capitalist politicians?

So what would have been your two top votes on this list? Anything you would have added?

Is your mind really that much different from a second grader?

Yeah, I didn’t think so.



25 thoughts on “Inside The Mind Of A Second Grader

  1. A.PROMPTreply

    Precious! I love stuff like this……
    Will definitely jump on the bandwagon with eating pizza everyday! Wouldn’t that be nice? Also, I most definitely think people need to put more into having fun……somewhere along the way, we forget how to do that I think……

    Liked by 1 person

  2. fillyourownglass

    Have fun should be a priority at every age. We tend to forget that when we “grow up”. I wonder if treat everyone fairly didn’t rate well because they are still too innocent to realize that isn’t always the way it works? I will happily vote for pizza every day!


    1. George Post author

      Never thought of what you wrote about treating people fairly and how it might be too natural for them to consider otherwise. You might very well be right.


      1. abyssbrain

        Yeah, it’s quite surprising. Homework is a waste of time especially if they are just some tedious exercises. It’s like that they are giving the kids some sort of training on doing paperwork…


  3. DailyMusings

    This is great. Disappointing about the treat everyone fairly, but it’s a dog eat dog world in 2nd grade. I’m an assistant in 1st grade and there is a whole lotta competition going on there some days 🙂


    1. George Post author

      Of course you would and with good reason. For me it would only be chocolate. The rest of the world can have what’s left over. But I know you’re a candy person so you can have my share.


  4. onlybadchi

    I totally would’ve voted for no healthy eating!!! And pizza. And candy. I know I don’t get 3 votes, but a girl can dream.

    Also this is just wonderful and heartwarming and fascinating.



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