Music And Stories

I’m a big fan of the Zac Brown Band. I love his voice and the harmonies in his music. Yesterday during my early morning walk this song came on and I thought I’d share it; because life, and the choices we make, aren’t always perfect. Everyone has a story that music seems to somehow reach out and touch. I’m guessing that for someone, this is one of those stories.

6 thoughts on “Music And Stories

    1. George Post author

      Thank you for understanding what I was trying to say, Van. I love most kinds of music. They all offer something different. But country music always seems to tell a story, and I really enjoy stories put to music.

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      1. vanbytheriver

        Moving out West as a rock fan, I had to be convinced about country music..not a fan. I commented that it was always about lost love, broken relationships, “that man/girl done me wrong”. A wise friend said..”Well, if you don’t get that stuff right, the rest doesn’t matter, does it ?” Word. ☺ Van

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