If You Could….

….have been present for one event in history, what would it be and why? Now by being present, I’m talking about actually being there. So if you choose landing on the moon, for instance, you and Neil would have hit golf balls together that would still be carrying. The Crucifixion? D-Day? Woodstock? The signing of the Declaration Of Independence? The Titanic? So many to choose from.

I guess this is similar to the question of what three people you’d like to have dinner with but I think it goes a little further because it places you in a specific time period for as long as the event took place.

I’m sure after I post this someone will come up with something really interesting and I’ll want to change my answer, especially since I didn’t give it hours of thought. More like minutes.

The first thing that came to mind was something relating to Jesus Christ. I know that’s the most obvious answer for many people and it was for me, also. But if I were to move beyond that, I think I’d pick Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.

I’ve always enjoyed history and been a big fan of Lincoln. That period of time, the war between the states, that specific battle and Lincoln himself giving his most famous speech is something I would have liked to witness.

What about you? What would you choose?

31 thoughts on “If You Could….

  1. abyssbrain

    Being in the time of Jesus would be great. I also like to witness when people discovered fire because I want to see their reactions. Of course, I would also like to be there when Newton and Lebnitz discovered calculus simultaneously. It was one of the greatest intellectual controversies of all time.

    Finally, I wanna see the dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals as well. 🙂

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  2. A.PROMPTreply

    My dad would definitely be with you on the whole Lincoln visit. He’s huge fan of anything Lincoln. As for me…..again, I find myself wanting too many….why do you keep making me choose! I want it all! 🙂


      1. A.PROMPTreply

        Yes, you always seem to ask these questions trying to get me to narrow down my endless possibilities…..perhaps my indecision on which one to follow through in narrowing it down to just one thing means they’ll always remain only possibilities…….drat!


  3. Dale

    Darn good question. And one to which I’ve not answer to – yet. Will have to ponder this one. As I’m not American, I’m trying to think “outside of the box”… will be back…

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  4. Mindy

    I’d want to be around for Amelia Earhart’s big flight, so I could say, “Girl! Don’t do it!” Or “take this end of the tin can phone and I’ll hold onto the other. Call if you need help!”

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  5. Tessa

    I would have loved to be in first class on the Titanic. I am a woman and would have been in a lifeboat, but something about the titanic sinking interests me. Actually all ship wrecks interest me.

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    1. George Post author

      I agree, that would have been interesting, if you survived. You would have had some serious stories to tell. Unfortunately, many would have been sad.


      1. In My Cluttered Attic

        Okay then. Well, since March 12, 2012 is now history, my answer is. I want to go back to that moment just before the Mega Millions Jackpot closes, and write down the winning numbers and submit my numbers just before the drawing. Then I want to stand there at the counter looking bored, and filing my nails while smiling at everybody who is not going to win when my numbers are announced. I want to see the expression on the face of the clerk at the am/pm who just sold me the ticket, as I calmly stand there saying; “I told you so, after he said about numbers “Yeah right.” I will be one of 4 people who will win the largest Jackpot in history. And I will have a share of… one, two, three, yes 474 million. Humor me will you George! :O) I said with a smug look on my face.

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      2. George Post author

        I think we’ve all lived that dream, haven’t we?…:) So you want to share this with four other people, huh? Why not win the whole thing and share it with those you choose? That way you can all stand in front of the check together for a nice photo op. Your choice and definition of historical events is both interesting and enlightening..:) As always.


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