Writing Naked

There have been quite a few studies over the last several years suggesting that those  who dress professionally in the work place are more productive. Naturally, the contrary position, in our relaxed society, where almost anything goes at any time, is that dressing casually for work provides the same amount of production with the caveat of increased morale.

Creative people seem to follow the same path, however creativity always seems to take things to another level. There are certain singers, for instance, who record or write in the nude. Lady Gaga was said to have recorded one of her albums completely naked. Other singers such as Olivia Newton John, Robbie Williams, Ian Gilliam from Deep Purple and Barenaked Ladies have all practiced similar recording or writing habits.


Writers have their own peculiar habits. James Michener, for example liked to dress in baggy Bermuda shorts, oversized t-shirts and sandals. He said he felt at ease when writing, with no restrictions of any kind. Sue Grafton, on the other hand, comes to her desk each day in a freshly pressed business suit. She feels the work she does is a professional job and should be treated as such. Then there’s the French Novelist, Victor Hugo, who fell somewhere between the two. Victor used to write naked, with only a shawl sometimes covering his body.


My inspiration comes from homemade chocolate chip cookies with extra chocolate chips. You can put me in a tux or a pair of shorts, on a beach or in a basement; it really doesn’t matter as long as the plate is stocked. When they’re done, I’m pretty much done.


Like now.


Of course, care packages are happily accepted. If you require shipping instructions, please let me know. However, if you prefer I stop writing this nonsense then I suppose you won’t need to know where to send the cookies. At which point I’ll just sigh heavily and fade away.





18 thoughts on “Writing Naked

  1. Dale

    I admit to being a little fearful to read beyond the title, George! Then I thought of Jamie Oliver’s first cooking show “The Naked Chef” – he wasn’t naked, he just cooked in a most simple “naked” way… So I pressed on!

    Fascinating info. I may, on occasion, remain in PJs (as I did today) but most times, comfort is key! Were I to constantly have a plate of cookies, I’d be as big as a truck!

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    1. George Post author

      LOL….that’s funny. Nothing to fear, I assure you. Shhhhhhh…..don’t tell anyone but while I love chocolate chip cookies, I could never have a plate next to me anywhere. I enjoy them too much and so I indulge in moderation. Most of the time, anyway….:)

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  2. A.PROMPTreply

    George, this is a great post. Funny, informative, and just a perfect Sunday post. FYI…I think the cookie method of writing beats all those other ones by far! You just keep right on doing what you’re doing….it’s perfect!


  3. onlybadchi

    I’m a firm believer in being casual and comfortable– I wear sweatpants or the equivalent thereof all the time–while writing, at work, in my free time, etc. I feel like I should be more professional but then I remember that I just don’t care.

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