Need A Laugh?

This is only a thirty-second clip, but it will keep you laughing and smiling just thinking about it. So don’t be surprised if you revisit it at some point during the day.

Because everyone needs a good laugh, and children provide the very best.

12 thoughts on “Need A Laugh?

  1. abyssbrain

    Babies’ laugher are so genuine… unlike other people who would laugh with you (ha ha ha), then when you turn your back, they would curse you to death…

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  2. In My Cluttered Attic

    A babies laughter is so contagious. I keep trying to recruit them to my blog, so much so I even did a post to convince them that my future blogging depended on their following me. As of yet, no response but their laughter. Babies are so silly. :O)


    1. George Post author

      I believe I just read a new directive from WordPress that read as follows….it is hereby noted and decreed that, in view of Paul’s most recent post soliciting baby laughter, that all future laughter from children of any age by considered and counted in our future stats as a follow. So there you go. Your numbers should explode very soon.



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