What If……….

……for one day, you could be the best in the world at something? What would it be? Is there a talent you always wish you had? Athletics? The arts? An instrument? This isn’t a world peace question. You can allow your ego to get out of control. I’ll understand.

As for me, I love hearing people laugh, so I think I’d like to be the worlds greatest comedian for one day and have the ability to make people laugh so hard they’d cry, or pee their pants, whichever has the greater impact at the moment.

What about you? What talent would you like to possess for a day?

30 thoughts on “What If……….

  1. abyssbrain

    I want to be the best mathematician for a day because I want to prove the Riemann hypothesis. I know that many mathematicians have come very near in proving it, but for some reason, they can’t arrive at the proof. I myself have come close a few time but well… 🙂


      1. abyssbrain

        Haha, I don’t expect you to know it’s a very advanced and specialized math (in number theory). Many mathematicians an I as well firmly believe that the Riemann Hypothesis is correct, the only problem is that no one can prove it.

        Well, sometimes, I still try, but I’m just getting no where… 🙂

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  2. lagoodwi

    I’d like to be the best songwriter in the world. Everyone enjoys music -whether it’s for the sound or the lyrics. I like how it brings out emotion in people – much like a comedian. : )


  3. A.PROMPTreply

    Okay, I’ve been thinking all day….I just can’t narrow it down. I want to be the best at everything and be able to help every single person in their life and I want the superpower of being able to see into the souls of people and know who they truly are and not have to waste time cutting through a bunch of social facade stuff.

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  4. Jen

    I was thinking about this just the other day.
    If I could be the best at anything for one day, I’d absolutely, without a doubt….choose rapping.
    Like, Nicki Minaj, Iggy, Lil Wayne…rapping.
    Selfishly speaking…
    I don’t know if there is anything that would make me feel more bad ass.

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  5. fillyourownglass

    For one day I would be the best singer in the world. I’d be on Broadway with a rapt audience of people moved to tears by the powerful beauty of my voice. I have been so moved on occasion, and I’d like to bring that feeling to others. Alas, until you grant my wish I shall have to remain content with singing tonelessly in the car to my imaginary audience…

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      1. Mindy

        Okay! I’ve been really thinking this over for the past few days because if I’m going to be the best at something I need to choose wisely. So before you think my answer is unoriginal, hear me out! I would have to choose the same as you and In My Cluttered Attic – sorry if three’s a crowd! BUT, I’m choosing to be a comedian because that’s what I would like to do, and also, if I’m the best at it, people will definitely be coming back for more. That being said, if I were no longer the best at it (once that day’s over), I feel as though stand up is something I could still continue to do and appease the people who saw me at my best. Although, I should probably go out on top… now I need to think about this again.

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    1. George Post author

      Thank you , Joy. It’s hard to think of one off the cuff. But one day it may hit you and you can always come back and you can come back and comment. ….:) Enjoy your weekend.

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