Lesson Learned

In any relationship I’ve ever had, whether it was personal or business, there came a moment where I found out everything I needed to know about a person.

That lesson has never failed me. However, the most important part of the lesson is not that we recognize what eventually becomes obvious to us, but what we choose to do about it. 

Relationships of all kinds should be built on trust, respect and support. Significant others? Friends? Business associates? It doesn’t matter. We should expect certain things from the people we become invested in. Are they just using our friendship? Are they saying one thing to us but something else to others in order to make themselves look better in a business environment? Are they there when we need them at home or are they too selfish to see beyond their own needs?

We may not have the opportunity to alter their initial actions but we do have a choice in determining whether we address it directly, walk away from it entirely or allow someone to repeat their actions. Because if we allow it to happen once, it’ll happen again.

People will take what you give them and give what you allow.

Lesson learned.

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