A Whopper Cologne…….Really

So the creative people at Burger King are going to introduce a cologne in Japan on April 1st. It’s a one day only sale and it comes with a free Whopper. The cologne will sell for the equivalent of 41 U.S. dollars and have the scent of….a Whopper. (Flame Broiled, of course).


Is it an April Fools joke? I don’t think so. They wouldn’t be the first company to put out a cologne with the scent of food. But a Whopper? Hell, who would want to smell like something that may have been on the dollar menu at some point?

Would a women really want to introduce her significant other to her parents with the scent of a fast food restaurant permeating through his clothes?

What about a hot sticky day? Would he smell like beef gone bad?

Would the areas of his skin that include the cologne feel greasy to the touch?

Does it come with french fries after shave?

Would cats, dog, pigeons, and birds follow him around like a garbage basket in the park?

Can a shower possibly wash off that scent or will it linger into the work week so he can share the love with his co-workers.

But hey…..you know people will buy it. And they’ll wear it. And the rest will be a Whopper of a story. ( I can’t believe I wrote that.)



6 thoughts on “A Whopper Cologne…….Really

  1. Dale

    That is just so gross!!!
    My original thought when I saw the title was that I was going to read about how some people put SO much cologne on that you can taste it as they walk by… a post in itself!
    Talk about paradigm shift in my mind!!


      1. Dale

        No sorry necessary! It’s just funny, don’t you think? The other day I was walking my dog and there was not a soul in sight, no car running, nothing. But the stench of some woman’s ultra-flowery perfume hung in the air. I could only Imaging what a stink it was in her car and I pity her co-workers!!!

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    1. George Post author

      Yes, some people do have a tendency to overdue it. It’s tough in an office environment or in a restaurant. How can they not understand that that people are choking around them?

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