The Chris Kyle Box Score

Before I comment on this American Sniper controversy, let me see if I can get a better understanding of the parties involved.

Chris Kyle was a U.S. Navy Seal who did four tours of duty in Iraq.
His awards include….
Two Silver Stars
Five Bronze Medals
One Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal
Two Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Awards
In addition, he was wounded twice and involved in six IED attacks.

He died trying to help a former Marine who was suffering from PTSD.

Seth Rogen Rodent, on the other hand, is a talentless actor and bad comedian who has won some awards from places like Cinemacon, Showest Convention USA and Canadian Comedy. His list of B movies that move out of theaters and quickly to cable is extensive.

Michael Moore Moron is a director, producer, writer, author and liberal political activist who won an Oscar twelve years ago for the documentary, Bowling For Columbine. Since then he has attempted to jump-start a fading career by stirring the pot whenever his ego needs some attention.

The ledger doesn’t appear to be very balanced does it? So let me add a little extra.

Chris Kyle was essentially called a coward by Michael Moron because he was a sniper. Apparently, Mr. Moron doesn’t understand the function of a sniper. As an example, one of Chris Kyle’s kills was an insurgent who was armed with a rocket launcher aimed at an American Convoy. I guess Mr. Moron would have preferred that the individual he referred to as a coward allow an entire American convoy to be wiped out.
Rodent, the other no talent, made a tasteless reference to the movie Inglorious Bastards when attempting to place American Sniper in humorous context. Because that’s what people who live in this country are allowed to do….speak freely….at the expense of people like Chris Kyle. Unfortunately, speaking freely doesn’t always equate to speaking intelligently because it’s easy to throw accusations and attack situations you’ve never found yourself in.

The honest truth is that Rodent and Moron can’t find a set of you know what between them if they looked under every rock they’ve ever crawled out from.

There’s an unwritten rule people should always follow before speaking about a topic or situation. If you haven’t been there or experienced what you’re going to speak about, don’t say anything. You have zero credibility so why bother? Unless of course, you happen to be no talent hucksters in need of an ego stroke and a bump in your insignificant career.

And if you’ve never left your husband or wife and children behind to serve this country or put your life on the line for another person, do us all a favor and…..just shut up.

Albert Einstein once said, “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”

Sort of like Moron and his sidekick, the Rodent.



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