Where Have All The Children Gone

It’s been two years since the Sandy Hook tragedy and still….

It’s hard to imagine how a parent sends their first grader to school one morning and spends the rest of the day waiting for life changing hope that never comes.

Or the horror those twenty little souls felt before their lives were taken and the questions and scars that remain for the children that survived.

Or what goes through the mind of teachers who attempt to shield innocent lives from an evil sickness only to lose their own life in the process.

Or how parents find the strength to get out of bed each morning and go through the motions of their fractured lives.

Or what those first responders found when they entered the school and how those images will haunt them forever.

Or how you ever celebrate a holiday season again and what a parent does with wrapped gifts, empty rooms, shattered dreams and hearts that will never be whole again.

But mostly, I find it hard to imagine how we allow greed, politics and special interest groups to be the determining factors for protecting children, and innocent lives, in this country.

Where’s the outrage and marches for that? Where’s the media coverage? Does it lack the sensationalism of a headline grabbing story?

Shame on us.

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